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Listen to Me in "Interview with the Gorgon"

Hey, Everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that my new audio drama, "Interview with the Gorgon," is out NOW! I play Tamara Tanz, a radio host who interviews self-proclaimed "descendants" of mythological beings. On this particular night's show, she interviews a being who turns out to be a real life Gorgon!

CW: mention of rape and murder

Written by: Donaldson Cardenas

Directed by: Linsey Falls

Starring the Voice Talents of: Noelle Klyce, Lexy Weixel, Alexis Vaselopulous, and Brad Stevens

Sound Design by: Andrew Pond*

*Denotes EFCT Company Member

This audio drama is produced by Eclectic Full Contact Theatre's Half Hour Audio Hour network. I thank them for the opportunity to do this!

Check it out:




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