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Watch Me Celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday with Poetry

So, I've been described by Chicago Shakespeare Theater as a "multi-hyphenate artist" and that is the best description I have ever heard when it comes to my artistry; I do a lot of stuff. Amongst the stuff I do, did you all know I say poems out loud for folks to hear? Oh, yes. As a child, I did poetry for oratory competitions and won! Well, for Shakespeare's birthday this year, I decided to share two poems by Rudy Francisco, my favorite poet of my generation, called "Mercy" and "Complainers." The full show is live on the Chicago Shakes website and is forty minutes. It can be streamed through May 22nd, 2022. Happy Birthday, William Vanilla Shake-speare!

Watch the full show for FREE at


Eleri Ward, Missy Aguilar, Jerica Exum, Jacquelyne Jones, Evan Tyrone Martin, Liam Oh, Sawyer Smith, Bobby Everson, Charles Heath, Karl Montzka, Dave Saenger, Chuck Webb, A.B.L.E. Ensemble, Los Pleneros de Don Segundo, and Noelle Klyce.



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