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Happy Closing to Us At Hoosier Shakespeare Festival 2022

I know, I know...I should've written a blog post for opening but here we are; I hope you enjoy this post just the same. Let's get to it...

On June 26th, 2022, we closed Macbeth and The Merry Wives of Windsor in Kokomo, IN! I've had so much fun and acquired so much new information about myself as an artist, especially as a Shakespearean actor. I enjoyed bringing my beautiful, Black, woman self to each character: Donalbain, Menteith, Lady Macduff, Hecate, Mistress Page, and others. I'll never forget this experience; the cast, crew, staff, and text will always be in my heart! Happy Closing to us all!

P.S. I'll be uploading a gallery of photos soon!

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